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BMA Stepping Up To Leadership

Before we run, we must walk, and before we walk, we must crawl. Becoming a Leader, in many ways, mirrors the development in our own lives - we must take many steps along the way.

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Granite State College

in partnership with
Bruce Mast & Associates, Inc.

We have found that many organizations have a need for leadership development for individuals who:

  • Have just assumed a frontline leadership role for the first time.
  • May be in a position to become leaders at some future date.
  • Are functioning in a team leader role that doesn't quite rise to the level of a frontline leader.

These are people who need some additional preparation before becoming an active learning participant in a full cycle of BMA's Leadership On The Line®

The purpose of Stepping Up To Leadership is two-fold. It is designed:

  1. From an OD perspective to help organizations gain clarity on the people they will need in leadership roles to create the future of their organization.
  2. To provide those identified as emerging leaders with a fundamental understanding of leadership and the impact it will have on them from both a personal and an organizational perspective as well as introduce them to the basic tools of leadership.

BMA views Stepping Up To Leadership as a two-step process involving the organization as well as the individual. Through Stepping Up To Leadership, we will help organizations match their organizational needs with an individual's abilities.

Please contact us if you would like more information about a specific leadership development process or to participate in an upcoming cycle.

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