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BMA Leadership On The Line®

BMA has designed Leadership On The Line, a comprehensive, integrated leadership development process, for those individuals who are responsible for the day-to-day work of an organization. These are the Leaders On The Line. They are the ones who lead the groups who do the day-to-day work-who execute the tactical plan-of the organization. They are effective if their group is effective in optimizing, in a sustainable way, the resources entrusted to them to contribute something essential to their organization's value proposition.

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Granite State College

in partnership with
Bruce Mast & Associates, Inc.

The Leaders On The Line® have two fundamental roles they must understand and play well in order for them to be effective in their positions as front line leaders. Each of these roles sits at a critical interface for "tactical execution" within the organization.

Between the group and the organization, the Leader On The Line plays the role of the Chief Operating Officer for their group, responsible for optimizing the resources to which they have been entrusted to deliver value to their organization.

Between the individual members of the group and the group itself, they play the role of the Human Resource Manager for their group, responsible for staffing and developing each individual's full capacity and contribution within the context of the group.


Leadership On the Line

Leaders On The Line® - On Being an Effective COO

Leaders On The Line run an operating company. The organization, in which their group is housed, is like a holding company that has entrusted significant, organizational resources for this leader to manage.

As with any good organizational leader, the Leader On The Line needs to have a deep understanding of the business they lead within the context of their organization, and they must understand how their group contributes to their organization's strategy for success.

Leaders On The Line® - On Being an Effective HR Manager

Leaders On The Line do the vast majority of the day-to-day HR work within their organization. Despite this large responsibility, they have not always been able to give their "people problems" the correct name; i.e. Human Resources.

Leaders On The Line are the number one reason why employees stay or leave, are a major factor in productivity, and are the principle architects of skill development. Their ability to connect and fully utilize both the current and potential talent in the group, to achieve the group's critical outcomes, is central to the success of the group.

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