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BMA Leadership In The MiddleSM

As with many of our proprietary services, the latest offering in BMA's Ladder of Leadership®, Leadership In The MiddleSM, was developed in response to a client's specific need. They wanted a process that would address the role of the classic Middle Manager.

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Granite State College

in partnership with
Bruce Mast & Associates, Inc.

By definition, the Leaders On The Line® are the ones who lead the groups who do the day-to-day work-who execute the tactical plan-of the organization. The Leaders By DesignSM are responsible for discerning, articulating, and implementing the strategic purpose of the organization.

So who brings them together? The Leaders In The Middle!SM They have as their primary focus the interface between the tactical groups and the organization itself. They are the classic Middle Managers responsible for executing the strategic evolution of the organization. That is, they are the ones who lead (or can impede) strategic change. They sit at the critical interface of the changing strategy, being driven by the senior managers-the Leaders By DesignSM, and the day-to-day execution of the organization, being led by the first-line supervisors-the Leaders On The Line®. As such, they must both understand and participate in the strategic evolution process, and they must understand and assist the Leaders On The Line® in resetting their group's capacity to execute the changing business model of the organization.

While their primary emphasis is on the Organizational Development Consultant role, they must also actively participate in the Architect role of the Leaders By DesignSM and in the HR Generalist role of the Leaders On The Line®.

The format for Leadership In The Middlesm is very similar to BMA's other leadership development processes. It is a guided process that builds on itself through 10 half-day, 4-hour sessions and is delivered every other week. It is designed to enhance the management capabilities of employees at this level within the organization. We can deliver it within an organization, or are also delivering it within a Consortium as with BMA's other leadership development processes.

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