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BMA Leadership By Design®

Bruce Mast & Associates, Inc. developed Leadership By Design® to address the learning needs of those individuals responsible for discerning, articulating, and implementing the strategic purpose of an organization. These are the Leaders By Design®.

Leaders By Design® are primarily responsible for:

  • Defining and focusing the organization's resources on the organization's Strategic Value Proposition.
  • Creating an organization with purpose on purpose.
  • Crafting the organization so its resources are properly focused and fully optimized.
  • The organization's sustainable vitality.
  • The organization's being an integrated, congruent whole.

The Leader By Design® plays two essential roles, each at a critical intersecting point in the organization. As The Architect, the Leader By Design® sits at the interface between the organization and the marketplace, between the present and the future. They focus less on what currently is and more on what the organization needs to be to continue being vital.

As the internal Organizational Development Consultant, the Leader By Design® sits on the interface between the organization and the Tactical Execution Groups-the groups led by the Leaders On The Line® - the frontline supervisors. The Leaders By Design® are responsible for the dynamic of the organization-for the intellectual and emotional capacity of the organization, for how well people are connecting to, and actively participating in, making the organization happen. Leaders By Design® are responsible for creating mindful movement within the organization. As The Architect, they create the blueprint. As the Organizational Development Consultant, they must get people to connect with, and fully participate in, the new blueprint.

Leaders By Design

Leaders By Design® - On Being an Effective Architect

As the organization's Architect, leaders design the systems and structures that focus the resources of the organization. The Architect visualizes a desired and attainable future, drafts the blueprint for how that dream of the future will become reality, and gets the necessary people to participate in its creation.

Leaders By Design® are responsible for determining and articulating the "why" and "how" of the organization's existence, which defines the essence of the organization-the organizational constitution-the organization's strategic intent. The fundamental competency underlying the Architect role is the ability to see the whole; the ability to see how all the pieces fit, or don't fit, together; the ability to project into the future; the ability to seek out root causes.

Leaders By Design® - On Being an Effective OD Consultant

The essential competency underlying The OD Consultant role is influence: the ability of Leaders By Design® to get things done; their ability to persuade-to move individuals and groups in a different direction; their ability to keep a group collaborating well and moving in the same direction.

Ongoing effectiveness depends on how well people have found their place of full contribution within the architecture that will assure organizational vitality. Understanding the dynamics and process of leading change, then, is essential for the organization's, and for the Leader By Design's,® success.

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