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Manager's Evaluation Form

As the manager of the Leader On The Line, you have played an integral part in their leadership development. It has been a strategic partnership between the two of you. From supporting their decision to participate, entering into a formal Leadership Development Collaboration Agreement, attending Session I as well as their final Business Plan Presentation, to meeting between sessions, you have been an important resource throughout the process.

We would like to have you take a few minutes to share your perceptions as to the value of Leadership On The Line for the individual, their group and for your organization. If you prefer, you can print the linked Manager's Evaluation Form (Adobe Acrobat file) and fax it to 603.772.8588.

1. Why did you make the decision to send to Leadership On The Line?

2. What expectations did you have from the process? Were you looking for any specific results?

3. If so, have these expectations been met?

4. Do you feel your involvement and support were vital to the process?

5. Describe how this process has changed the essential dialogue you are having with your leader.

6. Has the individual demonstrated increased leadership responsibilities for his/her group?

7. In what way(s)?

8. Do you feel your organization has accepted the individual's increased leadership responsibilities and is allowing him/her to use these new skills and understandings?

9. How do you intend to continue this individual's leadership development?

10. Do you have other employees who have participated in Leadership On The Line, or do you plan on sending others through the process?

11. Have you been involved in your own personal leadership development process?

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Thank you for your helpful feedback.

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