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Participant's Final Evalution Form

Your journey through Leadership On The Line has been a guided process that built on itself through 9 half-day sessions, culminating in presenting your Business Plan to your manager and others in your respective organizations. Each of you has experienced it differently depending on who you were as a leader, the support you received from your manager, and the strategic nature of your organization and their willingness to grow with you.

Reflection has been an integral part of each of the sessions. We would now like you to Reflect on the entire process as you give us your feedback on the importance of this experience for you. If you prefer, you can print the linked Participant's Final Evaluation Form (Adobe Acrobat file) and fax it to 603.772.8588.

1. What were your thoughts about Leadership On The Line before starting the process?

2. In what way(s) did these perceptions change throughout the 9 sessions?

3. What was the defining session or concept that brought everything into focus for you?

4. What has had the greatest impact on your role within your group? Within your organization?

5. How has this process changed the essential dialogue you have with your manager?

6. Did you find that during the course of the process and after completing it that you were able to navigate through your organization more effectively? Please explain.

7. Do you feel that you fully understand how your group creates value for the organization?

8. Describe the primary benefit(s) of this leadership development process to you - both at work and outside of work.

9. What benefits did you realize from having people from other organizations participate with you?

10. What is the best thing that comes to mind when you think of your experience in Leadership On The Line? Please number in the order of importance to you.
Personal Growth
Reflection Process
Structure of Process
Content of Process
Dialogues with Manager

11. How do you plan on continuing your Leadership Development? What type of help would you like from BMA with these efforts?

12. What suggestions do you have to make Leadership On The Line even more valuable for future participants?

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Thank you for your helpful feedback.

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